WEB DESIGN process

Many of our first time clients are new to the process of professional Web site design and development. Other clients have previously worked with designers but seek the contemporary look and feel, functionality, and personal attention that DotCom Creatives uniquely offers. Regardless of past experience, you will discover that our process will greatly assist you in turning even the simplest need or concept into a viable and marketable online experience.

project research

Each new project we encounter has its own set of unique requirements. We begin assessing those requirements by gathering all the information you provide us with. Our Design team studies the information and conducts additional research to help determine important parameters such as design trends, competition, and possible marketing methods. While checking out other competitors, we take great care in producing sites that brand you as your own defined company with a unique and professional look and feel. We welcome your input and ideas as well.


Once we feel we have developed a genuine understanding of your project's needs, we present you with a detailed proposal including number of Web site pages, general information that will be displayed on each individual page, and any additional options that are to be incorporated within the site structure. In addition, an estimate for requested services is provided. Upon acceptance of proposal a binding contract is prepared for your review and consent. A signed contract and deposit due is required before we begin.


Once all required site specifications are received from client, we begin the concept development and design phase. A tentative home page model that includes layout, branding/identity, look and feel, content architecture, and functionality is created for your review. DotCom Creatives allows ample room within our design process for understandable revision.



Once you agree upon page layout and structure you will be required to sign a "consent" form. Upon your acceptance of our design concept, we initialize a step by step design and development of your Web site until all pages are completed to your satisfaction. As a DotCom Creatives customer, you will enjoy periodic updates to your site's development. Long distance customers will enjoy a mature level of online communication and presentation via the Web.

We offer our clients administrative interfaces that are customized to the look and feel of their Web site, and tailored to meet any critical need. If your Web site features database or other backend features, we will update you on these developments with periodic, hands-on demonstrations, and offer you complete final training upon your site's completion.


We protect your investment by providing you with a stable product. Thorough testing is conducted on all major platforms and web browsers to assure that your site is properly presented to the greatest number of people possible.


Once final payment is received, we are ready to launch your site on the World Wide Web. We offer several affordable ways to host your Web site starting at our basic package of only $20/month! For more information on hosting costs, features and requirements, click here. We can easily load your completed site to your existing server as well.


After your project is completed, we remain in contact with you to assure that your site is completely serving your needs. If you feel that your site will require maintenance of any kind, we can accommodate your needs on a per request basis, or set you up with a discounted maintenance schedule. We do our best to make sure that your Web site design experience is a most pleasant and enjoyable one.